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Our professional vocal and multi-track mixing services are available for clients who record at our studios and elsewhere.

Our engineers provide thorough, accurate digital editing for both vocal and instrument recordings. Our editing services are also available online.

Also, our mastering engineers will apply the final professional finish to your recordings, providing tracks ready for printing or digital distribution.


"Hit Records Studio" is located in Las Vegas, the most glamorous city of the United States. The owner of the studio is the famous composer and producer Vasily Bogatyrev. Music and songs of Vasily conquered all the countries and continents of the world. Vasily Bogatyrev is the creator of all the music for the cartoon "Masha and the Bear". YouTube views of the cartoon "Masha and the Bear" amounts to billions, beats all records and is one of the most watched cartoons in history. Comfortable and creative atmosphere of the studio allows you to get a lot of positive emotions from work. To achieve the best sound quality results, the studio uses musical instruments and studio equipment from the best manufacturers of the world. Personnel of the studio will be happy to help you realize your musical dreams into real hits.


Mixing room include: ProTools 12 HDX Apogee Symphony 128 I/O, Barefoot Sound MicroMain27, Yamaha NS10 and vintage Auratone 5c room monitors, SSL Sigma Delta summing, TC M6000, TC M5000, Bricasti M7, Lexicon PCM 92, Lexicon PCM 70, Eventide Eclipse V4 reverbs, Telefunken U47, Neumann U87, Sennheiser, Audix, Shure and AKG mics, Neve, API, Focusrite RED, Universal Audio, Manley, Chandler EMI, Mercury, pre amps, Eq and compressors, Mastering Suite and much more.


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Do you have questions, have a song you would like to mix or master, or collaborate on a new piece? Reach out and let's make magic happen. 


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